We take a great deal of pride in our work and it shows! Our highly skilled technicians use CNC machined pitch blocks to accurately and precisely straighten each blade of a propeller. This insures each blade of the propeller is in the exact same position, the same size and will work in perfect symmetry with the others. If welding is needed, the appropriate filler rod is used to fill in any missing parts of each blade. The extra metal from the welding process is carefully ground off leaving a complete, even and straight blade. Each propeller is then balanced to ensure smooth as silk operation. We guarantee your propeller will look and perform as good as new or better after we service it.

Skeg repairs

If you have had a mishap with the skeg on your outdrive, we can fix it for you. There is no need to spend thousands replacing a lower unit housing when we can repair it to like new condition, we can even do it on the boat! Our shop has repaired hundreds of bent and broken skegs and ventilation plates with great success. Don't let just anybody weld on your outdrive as there are critical parts inside and heat can destroy them and we have our tricks of the trade to ensure success.